Saturday, September 16, 2017

Sharing the Front Flower Garden

We don't have lots of trees around our house and since Irma swept through here, I'm really happy we don't.  At our old house, built in 1977, we were in the center of large, OLD, oak trees that were constantly presenting problems for us.  We had 4 fall into the pool at one time, taking down a new fence with them.  On the same day one fell on each side of the house clipping the gutters, but thankfully not hitting the roof.  Yet, we still had days and days of cleanup.  Luckily, we knew a man who would come and cut up the trees, for the wood.  He has a business where he sells the wood in the winter time, and is always glad to get it.  

This home has no trees nearby, saving us a lot of work and damage.  Many of our neighbors are not so lucky.  Our county was hit very hard, and people are still without power, tv, etc.  We were out of power for around 50 hours.  We lost some food, but even that was minimal compared to lots of folks.  We used coolers filled with ice, and also packed out refrigerator freezer with ice bags.  So we came out pretty good. I don't remember most hurricanes reaching so far inland.

Before the storms, I had taken some photos of the little spot at the front door that I call my flower garden.  It is filled with lava rock, and periwinkle grows up through it, so I use containers for flowers.  I found this sweet bird feeder at Tractor Supply Co.  (around $16).

My DIY fountain in the bird bath.
It makes a soothing noise hitting the beads in the old colander.

My coffee drinking spot

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