Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Tweaking a Few Things & The Beverage Station

I recently found these pictures at a Good Will store near Atlanta.  The frames were a bright gold as seen below.

Yesterday, I decided to paint them antiqued copper to go better on the fall mantel.

I brought out a few rust/brown books to lay on the coffee table.

The wire basket contains 3 pumpkins made from copper scrubbers.  I used drawer knobs for the stems, worked out well.

I expanded the coffee station into a beverage station.  This area holds hot teas.
I decopaged the tea cup on this box I located at a Good Will (of course)!  Were else do I shop??

The Corning Ware pot can not be used due to the chrome spout.  I read that it was recalled in 1976, so I bought a tea kettle at Good Will today.

We like a variety of coffee.

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