Monday, November 13, 2017

A Simple Dollar Tree Christmas Craft

Here is a simple craft you can do for $4.00 by using items from the Dollar Tree.

You will need:

2 Christmas gift bags of your choice, the short wide bags work best
2 Matching picture frames, size 8x10
tape (maybe)

These are the two bags I chose.

First take your frames apart, cut the picture from the front side of the bag;  lay your glass on the front side of the bag, draw around the glass, being sure it's centered, then cut at your markings to make an 8x10 picture.

With the first bag "Happy Holidays", the word "Happy" was outside the 8x10, so I cut the letters separately and taped them to one of the handles from the bag, and then attached it along the right side like a banner.

The wording on this one was within the 8x10 size.
Put them in your frames, and you are done!
Come Christmas, use them in your decor!!

The Dollar Tree has beautiful gift bags that can be made into pictures to either hang or sit somewhere.

Very simple craft to do with your kids or grands.

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