Wednesday, December 20, 2017

The Master of My Own Suite

Had anyone told me less than a week ago that I would be getting divorced, I would have declared them a liar, yet that is what is going on in my life at the present time.  No warning, no reason, blindsided totally.  A few things now that I look back were kinda wierd, and I questioned them, but pat answers were ready and I let it go.  I try not to have ill feelings in my home.  But after a 10 day stay ALONE at the lakehouse, my husband came home last Friday night and informed me he was tired of walking on egg shells.  The only time things get wonky aroun here, is when he criticizes my daughter and grandchildren.  They were here first, and are my heart, and he knew that because we had been friends since 1981!!  But whatever will be, will be.  I won't beg him to stay, in fact I have insisted that he get his belongings out of the living area of the house so I could get on with the things I need to do.  Don't think you can shock me and I will give everything I've worked for away.  NOT GONNA HAPPEN, so if he's not happy hear he can live a lonely life away from all who love him, and I will be fine.  I have the Heavenly Father who guides my footsteps and watches over me all the time.  So I'll get on with my life as quickly as possible......and that does not include anyone of the male species!!       


I went last Sunday to the Hen's Nest Consignment and bought me a full size metal bed.  It was originally gray with a hint of blue.  Well you know it had to be aqua, so I used 2 cans of Valspar Secluded Garden paint with primer, and here is the first stab at setting up my master suite.  

I've always wanted my bed between these windows, but beds I've had were just too bulky.  That can't be said about this little gem!  I love it and it was less than 200 dollars.

I also purchased the table to the left of the bed. I got the comforter set and matching quilt at Wal Mart.  I purchased new mattress and box springs for less than $300, delivery first thing the next day!!

My recently purchased chest from Good Will  is perfect for me so I moved it from the closet into my master suite!!  You've seen the door I painted a few years back.  I love changing out the decor, and have already moved it to the other side of the room!

I kept this white table in the room.

 brought in a small tv

 I found this wonderful electric heater/fireplace at Lowe's and it is great to knock off the chill in the room, plus the beauty of the fire.

 The ottoman and pillow I covered make a nice "chair".

I will do an updated post shortly and show you the changes already made, and show you the heater with the fire on.  I can see myself on a cold day, just relaxing in this room.  My daughter and I have talked about making a sitting area in here, there's plenty of room for one, but I'm loving all the open space.  But y'all know me, I'm open to change in my decor! 

Those of you who believe in the power of prayer, I would appreciate your mentioning my  name when you pray.  At this point I don't want a reconciliation, and never will.  This is totally unbelievable, and has broken my entire family's hearts.  So, hopefully, we're not required to have litigation, because I have nothing to say, except, if this will make you happy, drive south quickly!!

I'm aging, and I don't have the time or energy for a bunch of drama that is purely stupid!  I just want this over now, so I can be settled and peace can return to my home.


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