Friday, January 12, 2018

Let's Make It French

Yesterday, I introduced you to my 'new' table that I placed in the foyer.  One day later it has been moved over some, and the top has been made to look more French.

Not bad, but I decided to move it from the area in front of the door and slid it to the opening between the foyer and dining room.  This stops a walk-through, that I didn't like.

Now to redecorate the top to make it have a French look, and to make it more welcoming coming through the front door.

I changed the lamp to a tall one, and added the new shade to it, brought in some decorating books, laid antlers and a tassel on the books, kept the basket of flowers and crystal candle sticks.  I think it looks much more interesting.

Placing the shade on a taller lamp gives the height needed since the flower basket is so huge.  I like the table either way, but  especially love the more interesting table display.

I know I'll be changing this table a lot, and might use it as a coffee table at some time......when the notion strikes.  Hope you enjoyed my everchanging decor!

much love,

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