Friday, January 19, 2018

Make a Mantel for a Small Heater

This week as I was in Good Will I found a tall, narrow skinny table.  It had seen better days, but was sturdy and around $8.00.  I used white chalk paint to paint it.

Then at a consignment shop I found a set of tall shutters painted a dull pink.

Even before that, I had bought a Duraflame heater that has the logs and looks like a small fireplace.

I used all these pieces and this is the result.

The outside of the heater doesn't get hot, and I wouldn't run it without being in the room.

The shutters were such a perfect fit, they snapped between the legs. No screws, or nails anywhere!!

I found these 4 plates to hang above the "mantel".  If you look closely you can see the aqua edge.

I want a full size door to go behind this and hope I find one soon.

So that's one way of making a mantel for a small heater.  Hope you have a lovely weekend!!

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