Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Yesterday's Good Will Finds

I was browsing through Good Will yesterday (Sr. Discount Day) when this lovely table was brought onto the floor.  I looked at it at $24.95 and knew I wanted it, but in my "new" situation, I'm trying to be more careful with my spending.  I walked around a couple aisles, then went back to look again at the table.  A young couple were looking at it as well, then they turned away and moved on.  I grabbed that ticket because I had figured at 25% off of 24.95, I would only pay $18.71 and decided I would pay that for it!

It's in very good condition.  I'm not sure what type of table it is, though marked as a coffee table, it seems a little tall for that to me.  I don't know the era either, but believe it to maybe be the 50's or 60's.  I decided to place it in my foyer.  It can easily be moved from the center if I decide to, but for now I'm liking it there.

Here you can see its color and condition.  It has a bottom shelf with a drawer.

The colors in this photo are faded.  It's only 6:00 AM and not much light was available for this photo.  The picture above it is the true color.

This flower basket was $4.32.  I might place it in another container.
The lampshade was $.75!!

So, a great day at GoodWill.

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