Saturday, April 14, 2018

Fabric From Good Will & What I Made

Recently I found some toile fabric at Good Will in a bundle with several other beautiful pieces.  I mentioned on my last post that I was trying to decide where I would use it.  The mud room and joining laundry room won out.  I already have a blue rug in the mud room, so I measured, and made very simple curtains for the rooms.  I have a french door in the mud room, and made on long curtain for it.  That way, I can fold it upwards, pin with clothes pins for a roman shade look, and to let in light in the day time.  Here are the photos of the fabric and the windows in the rooms.

                The scenery on the fabric would work great in a farmhouse decorated home.
                                A lady feeding chickens, cows,

Birds flying over the pasture area with grazing horses.

This fabric would also have made a great table cloth for a long farm house table.  I have a piece large enough left to make a small table round, or runner.  I will probably make a runner from it.

Here are the windows with the new fabric curtains.  These are in the mud room.

 This is how I did the door and windows in the mud room, very simple and straight.  I like having a cover on the door.  It easily can be folded up to create a roman shade.

In the laundry room, I made two tiers for the window on the door.  I like the privacy these provide.  Being alone, causes you to think more about privacy.  I never thought about it a lot when there was a man in the house, but being alone, it is more important.  I have a burglar system, plus a 38 caliber Smith and Wesson beside my bed,  :) but still.........

So, I will probably sew a runner, or maybe some placemats and napkins with the remainder of the fabric.  There is not enough to do too much, but it will be put to good use and I'll share it with you.  

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