Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Moving Things Around and Spring Mantel

I've gotten so lazy about blogging.  I just don't have a lot going on.  Since I live on one income now, I don't do as much shopping, because I don't need a single thing, and I have more than enough of everything.  I sit in my chair quite a bit and watch a bit of YouTube.  I read some and have been thinking for days I would start making some drapes for the bonus room, garage, and the mud/laundry room.  I found some beautiful toile in navy and white and could use it in either of the rooms and there is a large quantity.  I'll end up making them in a few days, I hope, if I can get off my butt!  I have moved small items around in the living area and sunroom and breakfast room.  I removed the easter items today, and rearranged the mantel.

I kept the crosses on the mantel, added the trifold as a backdrop, added an angel.  I like the lightness of this look.

I found this vase of sunflowers at Good Will, and knew they would be fine on the screened porch.

               Close-up of tri-fold screen as a backdrop on the mantel.

 The sunroom hasn't been changed very much, just a little less clutter.

                   Pasture outside the sunroom window.  Love this view.

I removed quite a few items from the bookcases in the living room.  There's still plenty there, but it has a lighter feel as well.

This is a hall cabinet I've had for years.  It sits in a corner behind the sofa.  This lamp is a good will find also, as is the pink, white and green vase, and pink/white plate.  I switched some pictures around and moved this one to the living room from the dining room.

            The roosters and hen on my Mom's pie safe are GW finds, too.
This table is in the breakfast nook.  I have really enjoyed having this table in this room.  It's great storage for seldom used dishes, etc.

                     The bible table is now in the living area.

This table may get swapped out with another,  You know things never stay long in one place at my home.

Hope each of you had a happy easter and are starting to get some Spring weather.  It has been beautiful here for several days, but I'm hearing we will have frost on Thursday.  That's Georgia for ya!

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