Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Some of My Current Favorites

Hi everyone,

I've done it again.  I just can't get back on a regular schedule of posting.  But I did gather a few photos showing some of my favorite finds and also favorite areas in the house.  So for lack of much to post about, this will have to suffice for a few days anyway.  Hope you are all doing well and enjoying the Spring.  It's not a lot like Spring here, we have cool temps and flash flood warnings all night tonight.

You may remember this small table that I have in the family room.  I changed it some and added a blue bird to the cloche on the bottom shelf.

I placed photos of my grandchildren on the coffee table in a tray found at GW.  I like the depth of the tray and the leather handles.

Except for the Easter items, I left the mantel as I had it before.

The items on the entry table were changed to spring items.  I had the pink and white arrangement from GW last year.  It was very dirty when I purchased it, but a good scrub and a little white paint took care of that.  The metal oval holding the bird is a recent find as well.

I bought this artwork to sell on ebay, but when I walked into the guest room and noticed how well they went with the drapes, I decided they were going in there.  I gave just over a dollar for each one and I really love them in the guest room.

 This is the hall tree in the entry as well.  I love the pink and white tulip free print that was on a blog, I'm sorry I can't remember whose at the moment, so I added the pink and white vase and changed the vignette somewhat.

The bottom of the hall tree has a blue liquor container I found a couple years ago, when I was in the bottle collection phase, added white flowers and 2 blue birds to the bottom.

  This plate and vase are finds from GW of course.  I've gotten so many nice things there, I seldom shop anywhere else for home decor.  I fell in love with the vase, so I bought it and the plate, and pulled the flowers from various vases, so a little more pink got added into the family room.

The accent table in the breakfast nook got a new look.  I sat a pot of white tulips in the white urn, and moved the metal tray and picture to the  table for a totally different look.

I always get great comments on the sun room.  You can see the pastoral view out the windows.  You can't see them very well in this photo, but when I bought this pack of curtains, one was much longer than the other, so I cut the long one off, and since I was using tension rods, I made rod covers from the leftover fabric I took from the curtain.  I don't mind the tension rods now, because they are covered.

  One of my reading spots in the sunroom.

 A small pheasant hides under this cloche.

   I placed a piece of my own art work in the silver frame, then hung the aqua frame around a small plate.

 The dishes on the wall here are mostly hidden by the tall lamp, but I found a set of three and already had one that hangs above the windows.
More of the view.  You can't see the fence, but it runs alongside the bush in the middle pane of the window.  I cut about 4 times that much grass each week.  It takes a long time, but I don't mind it at all.  I just ride and serenade all the neighbors.  I sing one song after another while riding!  I know they think I'm crazy, and I am!  But it makes the work seem easier.  

 All pieces are GW finds.

Carried the bird theme through into the dining room.

I guess you've figured out that I love birds, plates, cloches, and aqua!!

See you again before too long.
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